A relaxed performance is designed to make theatre spaces more comfortable and welcoming for audience members who may experience anxiety, are sensory-sensitive or are not comfortable with the conventions of a traditional theatre setting and expected protocols or etiquette. This can include (but is not limited to) people on the autistic spectrum and their families, sensory and communicative disorders or learning disabilities, people with Tourette’s syndrome or parents with toddlers.

Some examples of the modifications of traditional house rules you could expect to see at a Relaxed Performance:

• Lights over the audience (house lights) will not be turned off completely during the show;
• Adjustment of sound levels and music (lower volume);
• Reduction of loud and/or abrupt sounds;
• Reduction of flashing or strobe lights;
• Audience members are able to talk and move around during the show;
• A quiet space will be provided outside of the theatre but close by if needed to take a break;
• Additional staff and information available for support before and during the performance.

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